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PC Requirements

To use Titan on a PC here are the recommended and minimum specifications you will need on the computer.

Recommended Specification Minimum Specification
Processor Intel i7 2GHz Intel i5 2GHz
Memory 8GB 4GB
Screen PassMark 700 or more PassMark 300 or more
Hard Drive Intel or SanDisk SSD 256GB + 20% free space SSD Drive 20GB + 20% free space
Operating System Windows 101 Windows 72

When running on a computer with less than the recommended specification, the software may not run as well or as fluidly as it is supposed to. Note that the performance will vary depending on the number of fixtures patched and the number of running playbacks.

1Tested on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Please ensure that all applicable updates have been installed. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and virtual machines, e.g. VMware, are not supported.

2Please note that this will be the final major version release of Titan to support Windows 7. We recommend users upgrade to Windows 10 at their earliest convenience.

3Alienware Command Center (AWCC) can prevent Titan from running correctly, this may affect users of Dell Alienware machines.

Installing Titan PC Suite

Important: Please run the Titan PC Suite installer before plugging in your Avolites hardware to ensure that the drivers are installed correctly.

The Titan software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7 to run, this will normally be installed on Windows 10 by default. For Windows 7 and 8.1 you may need to run Windows Update or download it from the Microsoft website.

When installing Titan PC Suite you are given the option to install Titan Mobile, Titan Simulator and Titan Go, if selected, these will appear as separate icons in the Start Menu. The Titan Go application replaces the TitanOne application, this is now used for TitanOne, T1 and T2 dongles. If you are upgrading from a previous version Titan, applications that are already installed will be upgraded, if you wish to remove one of the applications please do so from the Programs and Features option in Control Panel. It is not possible to install two different versions of Titan software at the same time for example, if Titan Mobile v5.0 is installed, it is not possible to install TitanOne v6.1 without also upgrading Titan Mobile to v6.1.

It is not possible to install older versions of Titan software if later versions are already installed. In such situations, please uninstall all the Titan software and associated applications following the instructions below and then reboot before continuing with the installation.

After the software has been installed, Titan Mobile and Titan Go require the hardware to be connected before the application can be used. If the software does not recognise the hardware and displays the message 'Dongle Not Found', the firmware may need to be updated. The firmware can be updated by running USB Expert Console then selecting Update Now from the Service tab.

Uninstalling Titan PC Suite

The best way to uninstall all of the Titan PC Suite software and associated applications is to use Programs and Features and select Avolites Titan PC Suite 9.1 to uninstall. In earlier versions this was shown as Titan PC Suite 7.5 or Titan Mobile and Simulator 6.0, where the 6.0 is the software version number. This option will remove all the Avolites applications that are part of the Titan installation - you may need to press the refresh button for the Program and Features to reflect these changes. After uninstalling please reboot your computer to allow remaining drivers and services to removed.

If you need to uninstall the applications manually, the complete list of applications which are installed as part of Titan PC Suite are:

  • Avolites ACN Gateway
  • Avolites CITP
  • Avolites Personality Builder
  • Avolites Titan
  • Avolites Titan Mobile
  • Avolites Titan One
  • Avolites Titan PC Suite 9.1
  • Avolites Titan Simulator
  • Avolites Virtual Panel
  • Avolites Visualiser
  • Avolites Usb Expert
  • Log Viewer Pro