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In this section you will find useful technical diagrams.

Some of the documents available in this section are in "PDF format". This means that the files are compressed so they can be viewed or printed easily.

Pearl Upgrade Engraved Switch Caps Drawing

Visualiser – Midi port cable

Parts List 
Part Part No 
2off 180 degree plug rs no. 234-1488 
1off BC337 avo no. 05-02-0006
1off 9 pin bucket ch female avo no. 03-10-0021
1off D-Type9 hood (blue) avo no. 03-10-0041
4m cable arrow no. 038704R (25m)

Midi port cable

Avolites Consoles - What fader?

Console Master Fader Preset Fader
Diamond 4 08-01-0400 08-01-0400
Diamond 2/3 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0200
Diamond 1 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0001
Sapphire 2000 08-01-0400 08-01-0300
Sapphire 97 late consoles (see note 1) 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0200
Sapphire 97 early consoles (see note 1) 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0001
Pearl 2000 type B above s/n 1435 (see note 2) 08-01-0300 08-01-0200
Pearl 2000 type A before s/n 1434 (see note2) 08-01-0200 08-01-0200
Azure 2000 Touch 08-01-0200  
Azure 2000 Shadow 08-01-0300  
QM consoles 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0001
80/100 consoles 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0001
RQ 30/60 consoles P&G mastering 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0001
RQ 30/60 consoles non P&G mastering 08-01-0001 08-01-0001
Fader types Part Knob
Narrow 08-01-0200 08-01-002x
Wide 08-01-0300 08-01-002x
Ruwido 08-01-0001 08-01-1000
Sellmark 08-01-0400 08-01-0035
Black short 08-01-0500 08-01-002x
P&G 08-01-0006(a) 08-01-0007



1 The fader was changed during but the serial number of the change is unknown. Check inside the console, if the faders are individually mounted then the faders are shown on the early consoles line, otherwise the faders are shown on the late console line!

2 If the serial number is near the one shown check with Avolites to ensure you are ordering the correct fader, or check the PCB which mounts the faders if it is 1201-4750A then the console is a type A if the console uses a pcb type 1201-4750B then the console is type B

Knob colours x = 7 red

x = 8 blue

x = 9 white

MAP Eurocard

Avolites MAP Eurocards

There are two types of Eurocards on Avolites products.

The eurocard at the top is the 'old type' MAP5000A whilst the one at the bottom is the 'new type' MAP5000:

Avolites MAP Eurocards 

Riggers Remote Wiring Detail

Pearl 2000 Overlay

Boris motherboards

Boris Motherboard Links

Linking out the Grand Master on a Pearl

Once the modification has been done, position the Grand Master Fader so that it at Full.

Borris I Motherboard - Wiring Detail

Floppy Disk Drive links

INVC196 Board Fuse Replacement